January 30


Bacon Wrapped Dates

By NutraWeb

January 30, 2015

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You will not believe how good these are.


1lb of Nutrafarms bacon sliced in half

1 pkg sweet pitted dates

1 piece of Parmesan cheese cut into 1/2 inch or 2cm pieces about 50 pieces

Prep & Directions

1. Preheat oven to 350. Flatten 2 dates at a time you will need 100 dates

2. Place a piece of parmesan cheese between dates

3. Wrap 1 slice of Nutrafarms bacon around date

4. Place dated in a reseal able container and they can be frozen

5. Place wrapped dates on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake until bake is starting to crisp 12 to 14 minutes Chef’s Tip: Make them a couple of days a head of your party Makes 50


Chef Darryl Fletcher has been working with Nutrafarms for nearly a decade.  His passion for making Canadian comfort while using locally-raised, Ontario ingredients is evident in every bite.  

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