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Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrafarms Inc


Can I afford to eat locally raised products everyday?

Nutrafarms Inc. has been in business since 2001, creating an efficient process to provide top quality meats and vegetables, without the additional retail markup. We offer custom-tailored orders, which includes convenient exchanges and pay as you go options. Our farms are close to the communities we serve, allowing for savings in transportation. We have long-term agreements with our local farms, allowing us to offer each Nutrafarms Inc. customer a 3 year price guarantee.

Where are the farms?

All of Nutrafarms Inc. farms are located in Ontario. Our main beef farm is located in the Stayner, Ontario area. Our pork farm is near Sarnia, Ontario. Our chicken comes from a farm located just outside of Barrie, Ontario. If you would like to know a bit more about the history and locations of Nutrafarms Inc. Please visit our YouTube Channel.

Where am I going to store this meat?

Nutrafarms Inc. offers a new energy-efficient freezer to store your vacuum sealed and blast frozen individual cuts of meat, fruit, and vegetables if needed. Our customized orders are built to suit any size freezer, accommodating your current freezer space.

What's included in a farm to fork package?

Grass fed beef, Pastured chicken, Cage free pork, Wild caught fish, Fruits, Vegetables and Pure & Gentle cleaning products. You can customize your order to include the products you prefer.

What is your price per pound?

Because we operate outside the retail grocery industry, we don’t offer a price per pound the way the grocery store does.

How big are your orders?

Our grocery style Farm Packages are designed to match your family's eating habits.

Our order sizes and duration are customizable, which means your family can start eating locally sourced meats, fish, and poultry for as low as $78 per week.

Do all of your chickens come from Chad & Dorothy’s farm?

Yes, All of our whole chickens come directly from Chad & Dorothy’s Farm. Their chickens are the most affordable source of animal protein we provide. 

What do your Cattle eat?

Our cattle eat grasses and forage on pasture throughout their lives. During the winter months, the cattle eat dried grasses (hay) and or fermented grasses (haylage).

In the last stages of the cattle’s lives, our farmer adds a little bit of grain into the animal’s feed as a treat for the animals and to help keep them calm and content during transition.

Do you have a price list?

With Nutrafarms you can bundle and save.

For as little as $78 per week your family can eat locally raised grass fed beef, pastured chicken, cage free pork and Canadian caught fish while stocking up on pantry items, fruits, veggies and environmentally responsible cleaning supplies.

3 - Year Price Lock Guarantee

Nutrafarms Is Proud To Offer A 3-Year Hedge Against Inflation With All New Orders. That Means When You Order One Of Our Grocery-Style Farm Packages, We Will “Lock In” The Price You Pay For The Next 3 Years.  

18 - Month Quality Guarantee

We back up all our products with a written, 18-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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