By Nutra Chef

March 21, 2024

Blog, chicken, ontario farms, pasture raised

By Nutra Chef

March 21, 2024

Blog, chicken, ontario farms, pasture raised

A Closer Look at Nutrafarms’ Pastured Chicken Farmers Chad & Dorothy

• Decoding Poultry Labels

Navigating the world of poultry labels can be a maze. With terminology becoming increasingly complicated and some companies opting for less transparency, it's hard to know what you're really purchasing. At Nutrafarms, we stand by the mantra: if you don't personally know your farmer, you can't truly know what you're getting. This philosophy is why we're proud to collaborate with Chad & Dorothy, our dedicated chicken farmers.

• Chad & Dorothy: Pioneers in Canadian Pastured Poultry


Chad & Dorothy have carved out a niche for themselves as the first and only Local Niche Farmers recognized by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. This unique status allows them to provide pastured poultry to Ontario families at a production level unseen elsewhere.

• The Essence of Pastured Poultry

But what sets pastured poultry apart? For one, it necessitates that chickens live outdoors 24/7 for at least half of their lives, with daily rotations to fresh pasture. This practice ensures the chickens at Chad and Dorothy’s farm aren't just free-range in name but in reality, with continuous access to fresh forage.

• Chad & Dorothy's Farm: A Day in the Life

At Chad and Dorothy's farm, "pasture-raised" isn't a vague term. Their chickens thrive outdoors on pasture day and night, for more than half of their lifespan. Employing portable chicken shelters, the farm provides a safe, healthy environment with access to fresh air, water, and protection from predators. This method guarantees every chicken benefits from the nutritious, natural diet of grasses and legumes, ensuring the meat you get is not only delicious but packed with nutritional benefits.

• Nutritional Superiority of Pastured Chicken

Recent studies have shown that pastured chicken, like those raised by Chad and Dorothy, is richer in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals compared to conventional chicken. These nutritional advantages support heart health and combat inflammation.

Final Thoughts

Choosing pastured chicken from Chad & Dorothy's farm means more than enjoying superior taste; it's about investing in your health, supporting ethical farming practices, and contributing to environmental sustainability. It's a commitment to understanding and appreciating the journey from farm to table.

For those interested in learning more about the benefits of pastured chicken and how to support local farming, visit this page about Chad & Dorthy's Pastured Chicken Farm.


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