By Nutra Chef

March 31, 2023

bacon, cage free bacon, Nutrafarms, recipe, Recipes, Tips for Cooking

By Nutra Chef

March 31, 2023

bacon, cage free bacon, Nutrafarms, recipe, Recipes, Tips for Cooking

Have you ever noticed a difference in the commercially produced bacon you might be buying from your local grocery store and cage-free farm bacon from Nutrafarms?

At Nutrafarms, we believe in providing the best quality possible. Our pigs are raised in a humane environment, with space to move around and access to the outdoors. They are also fed a healthy, natural diet, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. This helps us provide Ontario families with premium pork products they can feel good about eating.


Another difference between Nutrafarms bacon and grocery store bacon can sometimes be in the processing. Commercially-produced bacon will occasionally have water added to it, which can potentially affect the final weight - and price - of the product. 

This water is then released when the bacon is cooked, causing it to shrink in the pan. Nutrafarms bacon does not lose much weight when cooked, naturally resulting in a flavourful and nutritious product.


Buying your groceries from Nutrafarms also provides the convenience of having locally sourced, high-quality farm products on hand whenever you want them. We deliver directly to your home, making it easy to stock up on your favourite products.


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