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Ready to Lock in Your Prices?

Protect Your Family From Inflation

Food prices are rising fast, making it tough for families, especially those with kids. Nutrafarms has a solution: a 4-Year Price Lock Guarantee. When you order a Farm Package, you lock in today's prices for the next four years. This helps you avoid paying more for groceries when prices keep going up. It's a special offer that lets you get good, local food without breaking the bank. So, even when prices are high, you can still enjoy delicious meals without worrying about your budget.

How can nutrafarms offer a 4-year price lock guarantee?

Nutrafarms gives you a 4-Year Price Guarantee. We control everything from the farm to your door, so we can keep prices steady. By working closely with local farmers and managing our own process, we avoid price hikes you might see at other stores. This way, you get top-quality, local food in larger quantities without paying more. It's all about convenience, quality, and keeping prices fair.

Please Tell Us Who Would Like To Lock In 2023 Grocery Prices All The Way Until 2027.

How Can Nutrafarms Offer A 
4-year Price Guarantee?


We Grow Our Own Food And Handle Delivery.


Your Support Lets Us Give You Savings And Quality.


This Helps Us Keep Prices Steady For 4 Years.

Why Does Nutrafarms Offer
A 4 Year Price Guarantee?

Why Does Nutrafarms Offer
A 4 Year Price Guarantee?

Peace of Mind

We understand food prices can change a lot. With our 4-year price guarantee, we keep things steady so you can budget 

without surprises.

Customer Trust and Confidence

Nutrafarms values customers’ trust. By extending a 4-year price guarantee, we aim to build and maintain strong relationships based on transparency and reliability. This commitment demonstrates our confidence in the quality and affordability of our products.

Fairness and Consistency

We're all about fairness. Our 4-year price guarantee means everyone gets the same good value for food, no matter when they join Nutrafarms. No tricks, just honest pricing for great food.

  • Farm Pakages

  • Meat

  • Fruits

  • Pantry Items

  • cleaning Supplies

Farm Packages

What's Included?


Ground Lean (50 lbs)
Stew (20 lbs)
Roast Sirloin Tip (7 lbs)
Roast Rump (7 lbs)


Whole Chicken (6 pcs)
Boneless and Skinless Thighs (35 lbs)
Wing Split (10 lbs)


Boneless Roast (6 lbs)
Chops (15 lbs)
Bacon Sliced (10 lbs)
Farmers' Sausage Mild (5 lbs)
Farmers' Sausage H/G (5 lbs)
Peameal Bacon (10 lbs)


Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast (60 lbs)
Fish Cod Fillets (15 lbs)
Fish Wild Salmon (15 lbs)

Fruits & Vegetables

Green Beans (3 pcs)
Corn Kernel (3 pcs)
Broccoli Florets (2 pcs)
Stir Fry Supreme (3 pcs)
Blueberries (3 pcs)

Pantry Items

Organic Apple Sauce (12 pcs)

Pure & Gentle

Pure + Gentle Package A (Orders 1+2)

Payment Plans

5.71 lbs of hung weight Locally Raised Meats, Fish and Poultry
0.3 kg of Fruits and Vegetables
+ Certified Organic Pantry Items
+ Pure and Gentle Cleaning Supplies


24.75 lbs of hung weight Locally Raised Meats, Fish and Poultry
1.1kg of Fruits and Vegetables
+ Certified Organic Pantry Items
+ Pure and Gentle Cleaning Supplies


297 lbs of hung weight Locally Raised Meats, Fish and Poultry
14 kg of Fruits and Vegetables
+ Certified Organic Pantry Items
+ Pure and Gentle Cleaning Supplies


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nutrafarms' 4-Year Price Lock Guarantee work?

Nutrafarms' Price Lock Guarantee ensures that the price you pay for any Farm Package you purchase within the next four years remains unchanged. It offers stability and protection against rising food costs due to inflation.

Is there a contract or commitment required for the 4-Year Price Lock Guarantee?

No, there is no contract or long-term commitment needed. The guarantee simply locks in the price for any Nutrafarms Farm Package you choose to purchase during the four-year period.

What happens if food prices decrease during the four-year period?

Nutrafarms believes in transparency and fairness. If the cost of food goes down, our customers will automatically receive the new, lower price on future orders. We want to ensure that our customers always receive the best value for their money.

How can Nutrafarms offer a four-year price guarantee?

Nutrafarms has a vertically integrated supply chain, which means we have complete control over every step of the process, from working with local farms and processing facilities to operating their own warehouse and delivery systems. This control allows us to offer a consistent price for our Farm Packages over the four-year period.

Can I customize my Farm Packages while still benefiting from the 4-Year Price Lock Guarantee?

Absolutely! Nutrafarms' Farm Packages are customizable to fit your preferences and dietary needs. You can choose from a variety of locally sourced food products while still enjoying the price protection offered by the 3-Year Price Lock Guarantee.

How Else Does Nutrafarms Earn My Business?

Nutrafarms provides an 18-month Quality Guarantee at NO EXTRA COST. This guarantee covers the quality of the products and the seals on the packaging. That way our customers know that with each meal they eat with Nutrafarms, the products will be as fresh as the day they were packaged.

Switching to Nutrafarms doesn't mean spending more
money, it means spending your money in a way that
supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture.