Free Ribeye Steaks

For life!

For a limited time, Nutrafarms is offering customers an Additional $350 of Grass-fed Goodness with All New Farmers Package Orders.

Please tell us who is requesting more information about our Free Ribeyes For Life Promotion.

A Better Way To Grocery Shop

We believe our grocery-style farm packages are the best way to do grocery shopping, and now we want to prove it to you too.

So for a limited time, when you order with Nutrafarms we will include a complimentary Gourmet Ribeye Steak Package valued at $350 every time you place an order with us, for LIFE!

Our Customized Farm Packages Include:
✅ Ontario Raised Grass-Fed Beef
✅ Pastured Chicken
✅ Cage-Free Pork
✅ Canadian Caught Fish
✅ Flash Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
✅ A Selection Of Pantry Items
✅ All Natural Cleaning Products
✅ And A Lot More...

Speak to one of our Farm Representatives now, so that they can help you claim your $350 gourmet Ribeye Steak Package.

FArm To Table Done Right!

Nutrafarms provides our customers with Farm Packages so that they can take advantage of bulk pricing on locally raised meats, fish, and poultry. By bundling locally raised meats, fish, and poultry with pantry items, produce and eco-friendly cleaning products, we can offer our locally sourced products at a price that starts at less than $78 p/w.


Get Information

We have 3 different Grocery Style Farms Packages that are 100% customizable. Our customer service team can answer any questions on cost and cuts.

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Speak With A Farm Representative

Our online ordering process is easy and quick. Build your Farm Package from the comfort of your home. 

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Receive Delivery

This stage is the best part! Your products will arrive timely and all you have to do is enjoy them. We provide customer service and warranty our products. 

Free Ribeyes For Life

We know our Ontario raised products are amazing, and we want to prove it to you.  That why we are including a Gourmet Ribeye Package valued at $350 with every Farm Package purchase you make with us...For LIFE!

*offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion and is subject to availability


Will I really get Free Ribeye Steaks for life?


With our Free Ribeyes For Life promotion, you will receive an additional $350 worth of Ribeye Steaks added to your Farm Package order, every time you purchase with us.

What is a Grocery Style Farm Package?

Grocery Style Farm Packages let our customers take advantage of bulk pricing so that they can eat farm-to-table quality food for a similar price to what they are already paying at the grocery store. Our packages bundle meats, fish, poultry, fruits & vegetables, pantry items and eco-friendly cleaners so that our premium products can be delivered at grocery store prices.

How much does a Farm Package cost?

Our Grocery Style Farm Packages are custom designed to match your family's eating habits and fit within your existing budget.  

Our packages start from as low as $78 p/w (including delivery) and are designed to replace 50% ~ 60% of the items you are currently buying at the grocery store.  

How does shopping with Nutrafarms protect me against inflation?

Nutrafarms also offers our customers a 3-Year Price Lock Guarantee.  When you place your first order with us, we "lock-In" that price for 3 whole years and guarantee that the price will remain the same each time you place an order with us.  

Can you think of any other grocery supplier that will still be offering its customers 2023 food prices in 2026?

Where are your farms located?

All of our farms are located in Ontario!

Our main beef farm is located in the Stayner, Ontario area.  Our traditional style pork farm is in Bruce County and our pastured chicken comes from a farm located just outside of Barrie. 

What if I don't have enough room for a Farm Package?   

Nutrafarms lets you take advantage of bulk pricing for all of your meats, fish, and poultry needs.  Understandably, not all of our customers have enough space in their freezers to store their entire farm package, and that is why we've introduced our Freezer Special.  For a little as a few dollars a week, we can add a deep freezer to your grocery order.  This lets our consumers take advantage of bulk pricing while paying weekly, just like they normally do at the grocery store.

Why do I need to speak with a Farm Representative?

Our farm representatives help customers get the most value in their orders as possible.  They are experts about our farms, our products, all of the different advantages eating with Nutrafarms provides and most importantly, they are here to help!

Inflation Free Grocery Shopping

Putting Quality First!

With prices spiking on seemly every product in the grocery store, we are happy to say that we have not had to increase our prices in 2023 because of our vertically integrated supply chain.  

Vertical Integration means that we control our farms, our processing facilities, our packaging plant and our distribution.  This closed system has protected us from the outside pressures affecting the prices in retail grocery suppliers.



At Nutrafarms, we use a core group of farmers and highlight their amazing programs. Using these Ontario Farmers, we offer different grocery package size options for any household. They are 100% customizable by you and extremely affordable. We offer grass fed meats, fruits, vegetables, certified organic pantry items, and eco-friendly household cleaners.

3 - Year Price Lock Guarantee

Nutrafarms Is Proud To Offer A 3-Year Hedge Against Inflation With All New Orders. That Means When You Order One Of Our Grocery- Style Farm Packages, We Will “Lock In” The Price You Pay For The Next 3 Years.  

18 - Month Quality Guarantee

We back up all our products with a written, 18-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Inflation Free Grocery Shopping and Food Delivery Near Me - Nutrafarms Ontario - 100% Customer Satisfaction