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"Had a great experience working with Nutrafarms. We are very happy with everything. From ordering with Xavier, to delivery, to all the products, we have zero complaints. Xavier made everything easy."

Melissa H.

Our Vision

Nutrafarms was founded in 2001 with the mission of connecting families in Ontario with a core group of local farmers.  All of the farmers voluntarily submit their animals for independent lab testing so that our customers can feel confident in all of the products they purchase through Nutrafarms.

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Farm Packages

Grass-Fed Beef
Pastured Chicken
Cage-Free Pork
Pure & Gentle Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
Flash Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
Extensive Selection of Pantry Items
Financing Options Starting at $70 per week
100% Quality Guarantee



Fruits and Vegetables

All of the vegetables you purchase from Nutrafarms are the highest quality, 100% grade-A vegetables that are flash frozen within minutes of being picked.
The individual quick freeze (IQF) process locks in all the nutrients and flavour of our fruits & vegetables. Our clear resealable bags offer a perfect view of the outstanding quality of Nutrafarms foods.

Pure and Gentle

When your family orders with Nutrafarms, you now have the option to stock up on much-needed cleaning products for your family. Pure & Gentle is top of the line in terms of eco-friendly organic cleaning supplies.
Cleaning with Pure & Gentle is better for our planet, it’s healthier to use in your home, and it will save you money.

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All Natural Guaranteed


Our Happy Families

We use a group of core farmers that we work with as much as possible. When customer demand and seasonal fluctuations require that we source from other farms, our customers know that they are still receiving drug and chemical free, Ontario raised products.   

Our farms are close to the communities we serve, allowing for savings in transportation. We have long-term agreements with our local farms, allowing us to offer each Nutrafarms Inc. customer a 3 year price guarantee.

Eat Local

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Local Sourced Meats and Produce

"Our family absolutely love their meats! Tender and juicy! We thoroughly enjoy the variety of what they have to offer. We also appreciate their transparency and honesty about their quality. Amazing quality meat! We recommend it to anyone! "

Stacia M.

"My family and I have been very fortunate to try a variety of Nutrafarms meats. Not only is the taste better but you do actually feel better. You won't want to go back to your regular grocery story meat.."

Dan V.

"My family is a long time Nutrafarm customer and just placed our 10th order with Rob. The quality and the service has been excellent for the last 10 years and I have no reservations recommending them to my friends.."

Robin G.

Pastured Chicken

Chad & Dorothy are proud to be the first and only Local Niche Farmers licensed by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario.  This distinction means that their farm is the only farm of its kind able to offer the pastured poultry.

Free Range

Outside 24/7

Grass Fed Beef

Nutrafarms proudly offers Ontario raised, grass fed beef. Our total farm operation spans thousands of acres which let us raise our cattle with as little human interaction possible. The cattle graze on sustainable, nutrient-rich pasture

Higher Omega 3

Higher Vitamin E

Cage Free Pork

Nutrafarms only offers cage free Ontario pork. Our pork is raised using traditional farming methods that ensure our animals have unlimited fresh well water, live in open-air barns, have access to the outdoors and eat a healthy vegetarian diet.

Strong Red Color

Vegetarian Diet

Fresh Caught Fish

All of the salmon Nutrafarms supplies is wild and commercially harvested by fishers in the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean catch area. The sole, cod, and Pacific snapper are also caught in the wild, and prepared under the strictest environmental regulations in British Columbia. 

Frozen At Sea

Caught in the Wild

Select from a wide variety of locally sourced products including our fresh caught fish, cage free pork, grass-fed beef, or pastured chicken.

Tailor Your Package

Door Delivery

Our products are vacuum sealed and delivered straight to your family  which saves the cost, time and inconvenience of countless trips.

Endless Recipes

Take a look at our different recipes so that you can get the most out of each meal. Chef D's recipes have been hand craft with Nutrafarms products in mind.


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 Providing locally grown beef, pork and poultry across Ontario since 2001. 

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