Our Products Are  independently

lab tested

Fresh Caught Canadian Fish - Nutrafarms

Caught in frigid Canadian waters, then vacuum packaged, individually quick frozen (IQF) while on the water.

Cage Free Ontario Pork - Nutrafarms

Nutrafarms only offers, cage free locally sourced pork, raised on a 100% vegetarian diet.

Cleaning with Pure & Gentle is better for our planet, it’s healthier to use in your home, and it will save you money.

locally raised grass fed beef - Nutrafarms Ontario

Our cattle are Ontario raised, on sustainable, nutrient rich pasture with as little human interaction possible. 

 Our clear resealable bags offer a perfect view of the outstanding quality of Nutrafarms foods.

Pastured & Free Range Chicken - Nutrafarms Ontario

For a bird to be considered pastured,  it must be moved to  fresh pasture daily and spend more than half of its life outdoors.