Thank You Ontario

Growth Through Community Involvment

Nutrafarms was started with the core belief that if you can’t name your farmer and you don’t know exactly how they raise their animals, then you can never really know what you are eating. We’ve been working hard since 2001 to establish relationships with a core group of farmers that help ensure that our customers know exactly what they are eating.

In the early days, our business grew entirely from word of mouth advertising.  There wasn’t a huge market for locally raised products at the time and we were happy to fill the void.  And then…

People started inviting us places...  

They invited us to sponsor their basketball teams, their ringette teams and hockey teams.  They invited us to their fundraisers. And they invited us to their BBQs.

At were are happy to say that at each event we meet new people, we told people why we believed in knowing your farmer by name and why we’re committed to traditional farming.   

And then they told their friends! 

Over the last two decades, being invited to events all across Ontario has helped Nutrafarms grow to be Ontario’s largest supplier of pastured chicken and grass-fed beef. For that, we’d like to say thank you Ontario!

This season Nutrafarms was happy to sponsor the U10 and U12 Barrie Blizzard Ringette teams.   These girls make us proud all season long because of their enthusiasm and commitment to fair play.   And of course, who could forget the Yeti?   Great work girls!

There are very few organizations that do more for the well being of their community than the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario does for Ottawa and it's surrounding area.   This year we were delighted to contribute to their annual toy drive and hopefully, we helped CHEO put a few smiles on the faces of some very special kids.  Thanks for everything CHEO!

Toy Drive for the Childrens Hosiptal in Ottawa
OJHL Collingwood Colts Team Pic

Supporting junior athletics has always been a huge passion for us.  Helping support active and healthy lifestyles through physical activity goes hand in hand with our commitment to healthy eating.   

This year we were proud to support Collingwood's OJHL team during their inaugural season.  The team has represented their community with class and dignity and Nutrafarms is honoured to be associated with them.  

Local Food Banks do so much for our communities that it is only right to do what we can to support them.  Nutrafarms has donated thousands of pounds of locally raised meats, fish and poultry to Food Banks all across the province of Ontario.  

There are very few ways to donate time, money and/or resources that make more of a difference to the actual communities we serve.   If you are interested in your local food bank, please click this link to find the location nearest to you.

Nutrafarms goes to the Foodbank
Nutrafarms Supports local CausesJPG

Whether it's ChefD, our food consultants or other members of the Nutrafarms community, it seems like we are always getting invited to local barbeques.  So many in fact that we had to buy a specialty trailer to accommodate all of the requests.  

Nutrafarms is delighted to say that we have had the pleasure of meeting (and feeding)  thousands of awesome people from all across Ontario.

The Stroll for Liver has been helping raise money in support of lifesaving liver research for years.

Started by a core group of concerned doctors The Canadian Liver Foundation has been helping people in our communities since 1969.   Nutrafarms salute their commitment to finding a cure for people battling liver disease.  If you would like to support this amazing cause, please visit

ChefD at the Stroll for Liver 2018

Eating With Nutrafarms

The only way to know if eating with Nutrafarms is right for you and your family is to speak with one of our farm representatives.  They will walk you through the ordering process and show you how to customize your order to your family's tastes and budget.