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Holiday Set

Indulge in Nutrafarms' Holiday Special! Enjoy a gourmet selection of tenderloin steaks, prime rib roast, a whole turkey, and more, all sourced from local Ontario farms. Our festive package, valued at $350, is your ticket to a memorable, farm-fresh holiday feast. 

Embrace the farm-to-table lifestyle with Nutrafarms' Farm Package Program. Picture this: fresh, locally-sourced meats and produce, perfectly aligned with your family's preferences, delivered right to your door. Our program seamlessly integrates into your current grocery budget, replacing factory-farmed products with our high-quality, Ontario-raised meats, fish, and poultry. 

 Holiday Special:

This festive season, Nutrafarms offers more than just savings. Our Holiday Special brings a bounty of Ontario's finest meats and produce, all in one bulk package. Fill out the form to learn how you can celebrate with quality, farm-fresh food, and lock in your grocery prices until 2027!

Interested in Seeing If a Bulk Order from Nutrafarms will work for you?  

Lets us help you build a sample order and add the holiday special (Valued at $350) to your grocery package at no additional cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

At Nutrafarms, your grocery bill is as unique as your diet. We customize each order to fit your family's needs, ensuring you get the best value for your money. The cost? It's based on how much and what types of delicious, locally sourced products you choose, mirroring your usual grocery expenses. Our approach is simple: provide top-quality, farm-fresh food at prices that align with your regular shopping budget. Let's craft a plan that suits your lifestyle, offering you the joys of farm-to-table dining without stretching your wallet.

🎄 Extra Holiday Cheer: Our 4-Year Price Lock Gift 🎁

This holiday season, Nutrafarms is adding a special touch to your celebrations. Alongside our usual 3-year price lock, we're offering an extra year of price stability as our holiday gift to you. In these times of rising costs, this means your Nutrafarms prices stay frozen until 2027!

Why This Matters:

  • Inflation-Proof: As grocery prices climb, yours won't budge for four years.
  • Extra Savings: This bonus year adds even more value to your Nutrafarms experience.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy consistent pricing on top-quality, locally-sourced food.

Seize the Season's Best Offer: Lock in today's prices and savour the security and savings until 2027. This is more than a promotion; it's our commitment to you this holiday season.

* Please note, all deliveries must be scheduled within 30 days of the order date to qualify for our 4 Year Price Lock

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At Nutrafarms, we're not just about delivering groceries; we're about enriching your dining experience with the finest locally-sourced foods. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means you get the best of Ontario's farms right to your table.

Why Choose Nutrafarms?

  • Quality You Can Taste: Every bite reflects our dedication to premium, farm-fresh produce and meats.
  • Sustainability at Heart: Supporting local farms means a healthier planet and community.
  • Customized for You: Tailor your orders to fit your family's preferences and lifestyle.
  • Incredible Value: With our bulk buying model, you enjoy top-tier food at grocery store prices.

Your Table Deserves the Best:This holiday season, elevate your meals with our special Holiday Set. Plus, with our 4-year price lock, you're not just getting a feast; you're securing a future of delicious, inflation-free dining.