Nutrafarms offers the most delicious, locally raised, grass-fed beef available in Ontario, Canada. 

Would You Like To Try Some?

Premium Meats, Delivered Directly To Your Home, At A  Cost Similar To What You'd Pay At Your Local Grocery Store

Our products contain no added hormones & they are 100% antibiotic free.

To Whom and Where Should We Deliver The Free Sample?

How Does It Work?

Our Farm Representatives will work with you to develop a package catered to your family's budget and tastes.

Then we individually wrap all of our farm-fresh cuts in heavy-duty, vacuum sealed packaging, preserving the quality and freshness of our premium products.

Nutrafarms will hand deliver your family's order directly to your door.  

We specialize in larger orders which means you can afford to serve your family the highest quality meats, fish, and poultry at prices similar to what you'd find at your local supermarket.  Plus, you'll save time by avoiding countless trips to the grocery store.

You  can enjoy serving all of our products knowing that they are free of any artificial additives and the highest quality of products available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you receive personal service from Nutrafarms Inc.?

We have knowledgeable food consultants that will take the time to look at what you are eating, how much you spend on food, and how to make eating with Nutrafarms Inc. affordable. This is a free service, with no cost or obligation. Food is expensive these days, Nutrafarms Inc. wants to ensure you’re getting the best possible quality and value on any budget.

I can't afford to eat Local, Healthy or Natural foods?

Nutrafarms Inc. has been in business since 2001, creating an efficient process to provide top quality meats and vegetables, without the additional retail markup. We offer custom tailored orders, which includes convenient exchanges and pay as you go options. Our farms are close to the communities we service, allowing for savings in transportation. We have long-term agreements with our local farms, offering each Nutrafarms Inc. customer price guarantees, that are not possible at the retail level.

Where are the farms?

All of Nutrafarms Inc. farms are located in Ontario. Our main beef farm is located in the Stayner, Ontario area. Our pork farm is near Sarnia, Ontario and our chicken comes from the Niagara Peninsula.

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