Drug Free Turkey, Locally Raised 
in Ontario

Drug Free
Locally Raised 
in Ontario

Over the years we have had several customers ask us to add Ontario raised turkey to our product selection. Until recently we have had a difficult time finding a family-run turkey farm that adheres to Nutrafarms farming philosophy. That is why we are ecstatic to introduce AmyBeth and Colin, our turkey farmers.

Amy Beth and Colin own and operate a 2nd generation turkey and crop farm located near St Jacobs, Ontario. The farm has raised happy birds in a high-quality environment since 1957. In recent years, the farmers have shifted towards a more sustainable style of farming which limits its carbon footprint by relying strictly on solar energy and all-natural fed.

Drug Free Ontario Turkey - Nutrafarms

Colin and Amy Beth see themselves as modern homesteaders that live in unison with their environment so that they can produce very high quality, drug, and GMO-free turkey.

Drug Free Ontario Turkey - Nutrafarms

Their style of farming is more time consuming and expensive than other methods.  However, the connection to the land, happiness of their birds and knowledge that they are passing on a farming tradition that their children can be proud of makes all of the extra time and effort worth it!

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Ground Turkey

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