Cage Free Pork 
From Nutrafarms

When shopping for pork products, people want to know that the food they are buying is locally raised, and has never been confined in a farrowing crate. That is why Nutrafarms has designed our pork farming program using traditional farming methods.

Our Cage Free Ontario Pork:

All our animals are housed in open-air barns with fresh straw bedding and they have unlimited access to fresh well water. Weather permitting our pigs can roam freely indoors or out while foraging for food the way they would in the wild.

Our pork farmers have committed to raising their animals in a traditional style. To us, traditional farming means:

  • Our pork farm is a “farrow to finish” operation.  This means all of our pork is born and raised on one farm.  This is an important distinction. Closed operations reduce the risk of cross-contamination and diseases from other farms. This reduces the need for medications.
  • Our animals are familiar with their surroundings and the individuals in their group. This familiarity contributes to a minimal level of stress, which in turn reduces the need for  human interaction and or medication.
  • Sows are housed in open-air pens with fresh straw bedding and constant natural airflow which enables the sows to use their instincts to create their nests.
  • Sows are fed a high quality, unmedicated feed consisting of grain and oats.  
  • Our farm never uses gestation crates.
  • Before giving birth, sows are moved to a private pen with fresh straw bedding so that they can give birth naturally.  In most cases, animals are born with little no interaction with the farmer.
  • After being born, the animals live in their pen as a family unit.
  • We never dock the tails of our animals.  This creates far less stress on our animals and less stress equals less sickness.
  • After weaning, the young pigs are moved into a community barn where they can frolic, play and socialize with other members of their litter.
  • Our adolescent and adult pigs' environments consist of straw bedding, open-air barns and outdoor pasture (weather permitting). At no time do our pigs live on slatted floors and they are never caged.
  • We house our animals in naturally heated barns which are better for the environment.

Why Do Old Fashioned Farming Methods Matter to Me?

Our main farm is owned and run by a 3rd generation pig farmer. His family truly cares about the animals they raise and they take great pride in their work.   Their animals are raised without modern farming methods like slatted floors, crates or farrowing crates. Although traditional farming typically takes longer, you can feel confident that the pork products you buy from Nutrafarms are raised ethically, locally and without the use of global medications.

Can You Actually Tell The Difference Between Cage Free Pork and Factory Farmed Products?

Absolutely!  Our customers almost always tell us is that the meat we provided "tastes meatier" has "more substance" and "tastes the way meat used to taste".  You don't have to take our word for it though, you can listen to what our customers have to say right here on our testimonial page.


Eating With Nutrafarms

The only way to know if eating with Nutrafarms is right for you and your family is to speak with one of our farm representatives.  They will walk you through the ordering process and show you how to customize your order to your family's tastes and budget.